12 Steps (Make Money From Google Adsense)

Molodnews.info – The method of making money from blogs that is utilized by bloggers all over the world to the greatest extent is known as Google Adsense.

How can someone in 2022 make money from Google Adsense?

Building traffic through SEO is the first step in making money from a blog. Only after this step should you register for Adsense, learn how Adsense pays, maximize your revenue with visits, CTR and CPC, and concentrate on specialty content. Last but not least, before you post anything on Google, double check that you are familiar with the site’s terms and conditions.

Find out more about monetizing your site with Google Adsense in 2022 by reading the following:

1. There must be organic visitors

The number of people visiting a website is the most important condition that must be met to be able to make money from Google Adsense.

Although it is included in the registration instructions, Google Adsense does not specify the minimum number of blog visits necessary to meet the requirements to become an Adsense publisher. However, in practice, Adsense has a tough time approving new sites because of the low number of visits they receive at the time of application.

Only organic traffic should be going to the blog; it shouldn’t get any other sort. Some people choose not to come because they do not want to be subjected to advertisements.

Blov’s objective is to earn money through Adsense advertisements. Because we have to pay for advertising, the visitors who arrive must originate from other sources besides advertisements.

2. Optimization through SEO

How to attract people to your blog.

This is a really important question since even the best material is pointless if no one is reading it.

The correct response is search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO.

SEO is more cost effective than traditional forms of promotion. Its visits are obtained naturally, through search engine results, and it does not spend for advertising to acquire them.

If your website has a strong position in search engines, it will still be visible to users when they search for certain keywords. Therefore, it is sufficient to invest money on SEO only once in order to obtain potential consumers.

In contrast to advertisements, which, in the event that they are no longer being displayed, will result in a cessation of site traffic.

If the visitors to the website or blog do not meet certain criteria, the total number of visitors will be pointless and redundant. It’s not visitors who convert into customers who drive sales.

To begin, SEO drives targeted traffic to your site. Why?

People who use search engines, search engines, are people who are seeking for something, whether they are looking for knowledge or looking for things. People who use search engines are looking for something. The purpose of their users is crystal obvious, and they are aware of what it is that they are seeking for.

When users enter certain keywords into Google Search, it indicates that they are looking for information that is connected to those terms.

Visitors who click on the website because they are searching for these keywords are the visitors who are most likely to belong to the target market if the website is displayed on the first page of Google’s results.

This finding is in line with the research, which indicates that organic traffic is ten times simpler to convert than traffic coming from social media.

The number of websites that are able to attract quality visitors, as determined by the target market, will directly correlate to the amount of potential advertising money that may be generated via Adsense.

3. Register Adsense

After you’ve built up enough traffic, we’ll register Adsense for you.

We are required to sign up with Google in order to participate in the AdSense program as a publisher.

Google has a specialized registration form, which just requires that the website’s address be provided, in addition to the Adsense code being included on the page.

Simply awaiting a response from Google on the status of the application and whether or not it will be accepted.

The registration process is notoriously difficult; many people have their applications turned down after making many submissions, while others are accepted almost instantly by Google.

According to my viewpoint, and please keep in mind that this is only my opinion, Google wants the websites or blogs on which their Adsense advertisements appear to be credible and transparent.

Imagine the scenario in which Google approaches advertisers and offers them a platform called Adsense. Google undoubtedly wants to convince marketers that the publishers on Google are websites that have credibility and attractive material, thus they want to demonstrate this to advertisers.

Because if advertising show on blogs that are not of good quality, for example, duplicate material or copyright infringement, then Google will most surely seem extremely terrible in front of advertisers, and this might cost Google money.

Google has developed a set of recommendations or recommendations for websites that meet its criteria.

According to the guidelines provided by Google Adsense, you should “produce distinctive, creative, and relevant material that keeps readers interested and encourages them to read more.”

To emphasize certain points, I’ve bolded and italicized a few of the terms in the previous sentence.

There is no requirement for a minimum amount of customers to purchase. If it is not accepted, Adsense will explain the decision in the email that notifies you of the rejection.

The Adsense ad clearance procedure might take anything from three to fourteen days to complete.

When applying for Adsense on the blog, there are a few important points to keep in mind:

AdSense Code. Be careful to add the AdSense Ad code to the website, since Google will not be able to evaluate and approve the site until the code has been included. If you fail to add the code, Google will not be able to review and approve the site. Check the installation instructions to see how and where the code should be placed.

Deleted Website Registered Again. Due to this event, Google AdSense will need to do checks for approximately up to two weeks.

Website is inaccessible at this time. Check that the website that was registered can be reached and that it is not being banned. In order for the Adsense team to conduct an evaluation, they need to have access to your website.

4. An Overview of the AdSense Program and Its Payments

The initial two terms If the income has not cleared the threshold, which is ten dollars, Google will not make any payments for advertising results. The threshold for when Google begins making payments is ten dollars.

The funds will be sent to an Indonesian bank account in the manner of payment.

Google will execute various verification processes in order to guarantee that both the website and the registered bank account belong to you. These verification stages include the following:

You will get a letter at your home address that contains a PIN number; this number must be input into the Google Adsense system. The mail will be sent to your home address.

You are required to confirm the amount of money that Google transmitted to the Adsense system and then send the required sum of money to the account that you registered.

This stage, which involves verifying your PIN and account, is carried out just once.

The following steps for making a payment are taken after ensuring that the PIN is entered correctly, that the bank account is confirmed, and that the minimum $10 is not missed:

Consider, for instance Earnings for January 2020; monthly payments are made, and on the third of the following month, which will be February 3, 2020, Adsense will deliver a report of the amount of money that needs to be paid for ad income earned in January 2020.

Each month on the 21st of the next month – for example, February 21st, 2020 – Google will send an email to the publisher informing them that the money has been sent to their account.

Between the 22nd and the 25th of February in 2020, the funds will be deposited into the publisher’s bank account.

For publishers who are awaiting payment confirmation from Adsense, the 21st of each month is a date of utmost importance.

Assuming that the total amount of your monthly payments is more than $100, this payment procedure is carried out on a consistent basis on a monthly basis.

5. Increase CTR to Key

CTR stands for “click through rate,” which refers to the number of visitors that click on your advertisement.

If no one clicks on the advertisements that are shown on the website, having many visits would be for naught.

Therefore, we need to be sure of two things:

The quality of the visitors is measured by how many adverts they click on while they are on the website; this, in turn, is determined by the quality of the material that is offered on the website in relation to the keywords that are used in the content that is shown on the website.

The degree of click-through rate (CTR) will be decided by the location of the advertisement on the page. because having adverts in the appropriate positions makes it more likely for visitors to click on the ads that have been installed.

6. Get High CPC Ads CPC

is the Cost per Click, often known as the cost of each click on an advertisement.

There are a large number of visitors, and some of those visitors click on the advertisement; however, because the price of the advertisement that was clicked on is low, the revenue will not be maximized.

Click-through rates need to be sufficiently high in order to generate monthly revenue from advertisements.

How can I increase my CPC?

The cost-per-click will vary depending on the caliber of the writing that is published on your site.

Research on material, specifically content with a high cost per click (CPC).

The level of CTR has an indirect influence on whether the CPC price is high or low.

7. Content is the King !

You are a creator of content since you are a blogger. Develop material with the goal of attracting viewers.

As a result, the importance of content cannot be overstated; it is the king.

If you don’t have any content, you’re just like veggies that have no salt: stale and unappealing. As a result, you are concentrating on producing the highest quality material.

Why is it referred to as content and not something like text or video? Because there is such a diverse range of stuff to choose from, including not just written posts on blogs but also infographics, photos, videos, and so on.

When thinking about making money on the internet, the first thing you should think about, is not how much money you can make, but what the best content can be generated and delivered to viewers on your blog.

Good content will automatically attract visitors who in time can make money from visitors.

8. Focus on Niche Content

Given the significance of the material, the next question is what should be written.

Which forms of content do you plan to develop?

You have the option of considering both of these items.

To begin, compose something that you enjoy doing and are skilled at. Begin with the activity that interests you the most and become an expert in it before attempting the other.

When we are engaged in an activity that we enjoy, we will unflinchingly and cheerfully pursue it. Expertise is essential in the digital world of today, which is overrun with material, and it is much simpler to achieve this status if one focuses on the topics in which they have a genuine interest.

The second step is to develop a content specialty, or niche, that goes into more depth on a select group of subjects.

Do not generate material that is a “hodgepodge” since it is more profitable to develop information that is specific to a niche.

The following are some of the benefits of developing content for certain niches:

Focus. You may write blogs that are more consistent if you write niche blogs since they force you to concentrate more on a certain issue rather than expanding to cover a wide range of subjects.

Expert. By maintaining a blog that caters to a certain audience, you may build a reputation for yourself as an authority on a specific subject and attract the attention of a large number of readers.

Improve the click-through rate of ads. Because more people will click on ads that are relevant to the blog’s subject matter, the amount of money you make from advertising will be higher.

9. Comply with Google Adsense T&C Terms and Conditions

If you want to make money from AdSense on your blog, in addition to having high-quality material, you need to ensure that you are in compliance with the requirements of the advertising platform.

The platform is the one that decides whether or not a piece of content may be monetized. If you are unable to make money off of your material, having excellent content and a large number of visitors is pointless.

You should familiarize yourself as thoroughly as possible with the Google Adsense TOS in order to get the knowledge necessary to comprehend what actions Google Adsense permits and prohibits on the part of publishers.

Here are some essential considerations that require your attention:

It is forbidden to post illegal content. The content encourages activities that are against the law and/or the rules that are currently in effect.

Infringement of the copyright. It is forbidden to publish material that infringes on intellectual property rights and rights.

It is against the rules to steal the work of others or plagiarize their work. This is a significant breach of the terms of service, which may result in the account being closed.

You are not allowed to click on your own advertisements or make incorrect clicks. It is against the rules for you to click on your own advertisements, whether on purpose or by accident.

dishonest material to be found. For instance, creating fraudulent documents, using services that create phony diplomas, test jockeys, hacking, and live streaming videos that contain banned content.

Content that does not adhere to Google’s standards, including but not limited to those relating to drugs, war, sex, and other topics. Even though the content was contributed by users, we need to be aware that we are ultimately responsible for everything that appears in the content.

10. Don’t Get Banned Google Adsense

The worst case scenario for any publisher is having their advertising banned by Google Adsense, which would result in those ads no longer appearing on their website and, as a result, a loss of revenue.

Types of Banned Accounts

When it comes to advertising, Google’s Adsense platform has many tiers of restrictions.

To begin, advertisements do not show on the website or are subject to restrictions, despite the fact that the Adsense account is still active.

If you have more than one website connected to your Adsense account, then this particular form of restriction will only apply to certain of those websites since they are in violation of the terms; the other websites will not be subject to any ad limitations.

After you have fixed the issue as specified by the violation, please resubmit it. If your

application for Adsense is accepted, the advertisement will show again.

The second issue is that the Adsense account has been terminated.

This category is the most severe since Adsense will cancel the account, and all of the websites that are associated with this account will be affected and will no longer be able to accept advertising.

In the event that the account is banned, the publisher is not given the opportunity to appeal; instead, the account is closed. The only way out of this situation is to submit a new application using a different account.

Plagiarism and illegally reproducing the work of others without their consent are two of the most common offenses that can get a user banned from YouTube or result in the removal of advertising. The issue of plagiarism is taken extremely seriously by YouTube.

One of them is YouTube, which offers facilities for parties that have original content to report content thieves to YouTube. If plagiarism has been reported multiple times without heeding, for example by removing plagiarized content, then the account that is committing plagiarism can be banned by YouTube.

On YouTube, this process is referred to as making a copyright claim, and it involves the owner of the original video making a claim by reporting content that they believe to be plagiarized.

YouTube will permanently take down any channels that have received three separate copyright allegations against them.

This issue does not discriminate based on the size of the channel’s subscriber base because there was once an event in which a channel with 13 million followers removed from YouTube because numerous users reported the channel for containing plagiarized content.

It is also vital to adhere to the terms of service set out by YouTube, particularly to avoid broadcasting anything that has been copied and to place an emphasis on original content.

Indeed, in this day and age, there are a great number of ‘innovative’ ways to steal the content of others from YouTube without drawing the attention of the website or getting caught by it. However, we must keep in mind that YouTube is continuously working to enhance the capabilities of its monitoring software, and as a result, anything that is currently allowed on the platform may not be permitted in the future.

How to Overcome Banned

Adsense or YouTube will, in every instance when an account is banned, provide an explanation of the factors that led to the account’s suspension. Investigate the factors thoroughly, and then adjust your course of action accordingly.

Be careful to generate material that is completely unique and avoid plagiarizing the work of others at all costs. One of the primary reasons why accounts are suspended or deleted on YouTube.

11. Always Perform Data Analysis

In the realm of the internet, one of the benefits is that many different things are able to be tracked. Everything can be broken down into its component parts and studied.

And numerous tools to examine such data are available without cost. Live download, available for use straight away, and at no further cost.

Why is it necessary for you to do analysis?

To begin, the gradual increase in the frequency of guests stopping by from time to time. Even the number of users accessing the site at any one moment may be determined.

Second, the sources of the traffic. You need to determine where the traffic originates and which of those sources get the most attention before you can concentrate on the primary traffic generators. When it comes to the world of the internet, one of the advantages is the ability to keep tabs on a wide variety of various things at once. Everything may be dissected into its component elements in order to better understand it.

In addition, a great deal of software to analyze such data is offered free of charge. Download that is live, which may be used right away and does not incur any more costs.

Why exactly do you feel the need to engage in analysis?

To begin, there has been a steady rise in the number of visitors who have been dropping in every once in a while. Even the total number of people who are logged in to the website at any one instant may be ascertained.

The second topic is the origins of the traffic. Before you can focus on the factors that are primarily responsible for traffic generation, you first need to identify the locations from which the traffic comes and which of those locations receive the most attention.

Third, the very best articles or videos in terms of views or reads that do not in any way contribute to an increase in the total number of site visitors. It is crucial to integrate it whether you are writing articles or recording videos.

Third, the very finest articles or films, in terms of views or reads, which do not in any way result in an increase in visitor numbers. When you are writing articles or filming videos, it is essential to incorporate it.

12. It Takes Time, It’s a Marathon

Not yet; however, I did see a share on a YouTube channel that details the channel’s road to being profitable through the use of Google Adsense.

The channel is one that I frequently follow since I find the information to be quite fascinating. Give an alternative point of view.

It was said that it took more than a quarter of a year from the time the channel was established until it began to generate money.

Even after accounting for earnings, the total is a fairly little sum. After doing the math, I determined that the money would not be sufficient to maintain the channel.

Just in the past six months, he has seen a significant rise in his salary.

The majority of prosperous bloggers I know are those who have been writing online for many years before they were eventually able to generate money from their websites.

Blogging takes patience and dedication since you have to continue studying until you can transform your blog or channel into a source of money.

Why do you feel the need to follow a process?

To begin, the competition in the world of content is really stiff, let alone to create revenue, which is an extremely tight space. Every day, there are hundreds of new channels and blogs appearing online that may be considered rivals.

You need to maintain a consistent level of quality in your work if you want to be seen and recognized. It takes a lot of time and effort to do everything.

Second, the algorithm that Google uses, which is a significant component in determining how well a channel is recognized through search engine optimization, has a tendency to give more credit to blogs or channels that have been operational for an extended period of time.

To get recognized by the algorithm used by Google, one must exercise patience and persistence.