The Challenge of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is Just a Phase – Quoting from the idbigdata youtube channel, Sigit Widiyanto in his material in December (18) entitled the challenges of the industrial revolution 4.0, explained that Industry 4.0 was only a phase. Sunday,(05/06/22)

Sigit continued to quote from the words of Kohler and Weiz in 2016 that Industry 4.0 is an approach to control the production process by providing real-time synchronization processes and production adjustments.

Sigit further explained that Trappey et al in the same year explained that industry 4.0 is a general concept that allows manufacturing to involve elements of tactical intelligence and involve advanced technologies such as IOT, Cloud and Big Data.

Still Sigit said that industry 4.0 was just a phase.
“Actually there is no standard definition in industry 4.0, so the industry is just a phase,” he said sigit

On this occasion, he not only explained about the 4.0 revolution but other materials such as what big data is, the goals of industry 4.0, the definition of big data and other materials.

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